Become a teacher

Share your knowledge with the Ummah.

Plan, Create and Launch pre-recorded or live courses you are passionate about teaching the global Muslim learners

Several Reasons to Begin

Teach on Your Own Terms

Create and manage your own live or pre-recorded courses with your own contents at your preferred schedule.

Global Learners

Reach out to thousands of learners already using Takbir for knowledge or invite your own learners and followers within one platform.

Worth Sharing

Your unique knowledge, expertise, and wisdom are worth sharing to make a profound impact with the global community.

Acknowledgement for your efforts

Recognize the value of your time and efforts with compensation for each paid enrollment in your courses.

Inspire Learners

Share your knowledge and ignite curiosity about Deen, encouraging learners to explore and delve deeper into teachings of Islam.

Continue the Legacy of Prophet (PBUH)

Uphold Prophet Muhammad's (PBUH) legacy by spreading His teachings, and contributing to a world marked by compassion (Rahma), wisdom (Hikmah), and harmony (Salam).

Teaching Success Team

Team up with our skilled Teaching Success Team to receive dedicated support at every step of your teaching journey.
Why teach on Takbir?

Take your subject of passion to global learners with our all-in-one, secured and easy-to-use teaching platform.

How to start

Your Journey Begins with Your Expertise. Begin your teaching journey by sharing what you know best and love most. Your teaching approach and curriculum is entirely yours to define and develop as you see fit.

How we can help you

Our 'Teaching Success Team' is here to team up with you in planning and discussing the subject. In addition, we provide multiple resources to help you create your first course.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who can teach on Takbir?

Anyone with knowledge of the Deen, whether affiliated with an institute or not, can teach on Takbir.
Yes, Takbir provides valuable resources for teachers, including support pages with step-by-step instructions and guidance. Additionally, our Teaching Success Team is dedicated to assisting you throughout your teaching journey.
To create a course on Takbir, choose whether to host live sessions or use pre-recorded videos. Team up with our Teaching Success Team for guidance at every step. Share your expertise by teaching what you know best.
Certainly, we provide badges to teachers based on their performance. These badges include distinctions like 'Top Teacher,' 'Rising Teacher,' and 'Top 10 Teacher of the Year' to recognize and celebrate teachers’ accomplishments and achievements.
To become a successful instructor on Takbir:
  1. Choose a subject you know the best.
  2. Create high-quality content.
  3. Engage with learners actively.
  4. Optimize your course presentation, ensuring clear communication.
Additionally, don't hesitate to reach out to the Teaching Success Team for any guidance along the way. They are here to support you in your teaching journey.
You can generate a unique URL for your course to facilitate easy sharing on social media or within your network. Additionally, you may opt for the expertise of the Teaching Success Team to promote your course to a global audience through effective marketing strategies, thereby boosting visibility and enrollment.
Yes, another individual can teach on your Takbir teaching account, but this person needs to be a team member affiliated with your account. However, it's required that at least 75% of the course sessions are taught by the account/teaching account owner.
The Teaching Success Team is your dedicated one-on-one support team to connect with learners worldwide. With years of experience in content optimization, video recording & editing, digital marketing, and technical support, they guide you through each step, offering expertise in both course creation and promotion. Feel free to reach out for any assistance, from course creation to management; the Teaching Success Team is here to support you at every stage of your teaching journey.

Ready to Start Teaching?